The Chain

In ages past, the mortal races wielded magic to build great cities and empires. The roads were guarded by armies of magically animated metal soldiers. Crops were bolstered by arcane power. The world ran on magic. Those days are gone.

In this new world, the power of Coal has taken up the mantel once held by the arcane, and without the safe roads of the past to transport their black gold, the Dwarves created a machine to facilitate trade and once again link this broken world back together.

The Chain. a great beast of iron and smoke, it rides along rails of iron and wood, devouring miles in minuets. The Dwarves’ greatest creation, “the locomotive that holds the world together.” Feed it coal and it will carry you around the world, as well as all the cargo you can fit onto it.

The Chain’s rails connect all the great cities of Orofell in one continuous loop, making one circuit around the world every year. The Chain’s Arrival is celebrated in each of the cities it passes through as an annual holiday. There is much feasting and joy when the great moving machine of metal and smoke arrives in a city, and unloads the goods they need for that year from around the world, for a modest fee of course.

The Chain

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