Orcish Guardian Spirits

The Orcs worship Vellah alongside four guardian spirits; Bear, Eagle, Mammoth, and Wolf. Each spirit represents a different aspect of life, and guided an orc through hardship in different ways.

The Bear is the Spirit of protection and stability. The Eagle is the spirit of wisdom and swiftness. The Mammoth is the spirit of health and wellbeing. The Wolf is the spirit of family and the hunt.

Orc shamans sometimes channel the power of these spirits into different manifestations, from the power to transform one’s body, to mystical guidance. Many Orcs find strength in these guardians and follow their guidance in both life and combat, some going as far as to channel one of the spirits through themselves. No soldier is eager to do battle with an Orcish Bear Warrior, and some Dwarves still tell tales of Orcs with the soul of a Mammoth, taking multiple shots and blows from over sixty men before falling.

The Orcs are traditionally a very spiritual people, and they are forever guided by their Guardian Spirits.

Orcish Guardian Spirits

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