Statistical Changes: Tieflings receive +2 Charisma, and either +1 Intelegence OR +1 Constitution

Tieflings are considered by many to be evil beings, no different from the demons that they so resemble. Most common people fear, and are untrusting of the Tieflings, but some, like the Iron Cathedral, hate them, and hunt them down, seeing little or no difference between Tieflings and true demons.

The most commonly accepted origin of the Tiefling race is that Itahrr, Father of demons, and God of chaos created the Tieflings after witnessing the birth of the Humans, Dwarves, and Halflings, and deciding that he wanted a humanoid race to call his own. It is this supposed origin that marks them as Demons, and prompts the Iron Cathedral to hunt them as such.
Some Tieflings contend that they may in fact be created by Yohr himself, citing their natural affinity for fire as supporting evidence, and pointing out that Yohr has not come to their aid because he is maintains a strict policy of not interfering with the mortal plane unless entirely necessary. The Iron Cathedral, devout followers of Yohr, decry this as blasphemy.

The Tieflings are a people pushed to the fringes of society, forced there by prejudice, hate, and intolerance. This has created a sense of brotherhood among the race that is unlike any other, possibly save the Orcs. Tieflings are expected to look after one another, and consider each other family. It is common for a Tiefling to call another of his race that he is completely unrelated to “Cousin,” and they treat each other as if they really were. For a Tiefling family comes first, and every other Tiefling is considered family.

The Tieflings are residents of the slums if the live in a city, but they are a resourceful people, and they have made the best of what they have.

There are whispers of sprawling “Slum Cities” built by the Tieflings in the abandoned and unused parts of settlements. huge complexes built within sewers, abandoned mines, tunnels and catacombs. Below the feet of those that hate them, the Tieflings build cities out of the things those above have forgotten.
In areas Without tunnels and other underground areas to use, the Tieflings have built entire blocks from driftwood and old sheets, any material that they can get their hands on to build a settlement on the edges of the city.
The Tieflings have had to endure more hatred and hostility than any other race of mortals, and they have been made a tough people by their struggles. A Tiefling must be cunning and hardy to survive, and they need to be able to talk their way out of a situation before it goes from bad to worse. They have managed to survive, and sometimes thrive, in a hostile environment for ages, and the Tieflings aren’t going anywhere any time soon.


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