The Orcs are the third born of Vellah, Mother of Men, and Goddess of Fertility. They were born thick skinned and given a drive to survive unlike any other race. The Orcs are a displaced people, having been pushed off their ancestral lands by Dwarven mining operations. This has created a strong animosity and distrust between the two races. In contrast, since leaving their Native lands, the Orcs have forged strong racial bonds with their brother races, the Humans and the Halflings.

The Orcs are native to the hills and mountains collectively known as Kordule far to the west of Mont Burke, Afbergmond, Orel Asari, or any other traditional center of population. They lived off the land, primarily in tribal hunting and gathering communities.

The Orcs had no knowledge of Arcane magic prior to contact with the Dwarves, but revered nature and the Goddess Vellah, accessing divine magic in their reverence. This lack of Arcane magic meant that they were unaffected by The Recedence, and were never forced to innovate to make up for the loss of Arcane magic. This lead to the Orcs having comparatively primitive technology when they finally came in contact with the Dwarves.

Soon after making first contact with the Orcs, the Dwarves discovered Coal underneath Kordule. The trusting and naive Orcs were swiftly pushed off their lands by the industrious Dwarves, by means of one sided deals and military might, so that the Dwarves could tap into the rich supply of Coal underneath the orcish homeland.


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