69fb538e4d7bfedad7f5286555a1bc5d.jpgIn ages past there was an army of metal men, animated by magic and given life to uphold the law and defend it’s creators. This army, the Iron Legion, patrolled the roads and defended the walls of every civilized land and settlement for over a century. When The Recedence began, the Legion began to lose it’s source of life. The iron soldiers that had for so long kept the land safe began to drop like flies. Once a force 50,000 strong, less than 10,000 of the Iron Legion remained. Horol took pity on this once mighty force of law and order reduced to so few, and replaced the magic within the remaining soldiers with his own spark of life, giving them true souls, and allowing them to survive the ebb of the arcane magic in the world. Taking a new name for themselves, the Ironborn where awoken to a world where they were few, and the art of creating more of them was lost forever.

The Ironborn enjoy practically eternal life, providing nothing kills them they will live indefinitely. They are immune to disease and cannot be poisoned. They need not food or water. They are more durable than nearly any other mortal race, but suffer from a unique ailment. The Ironborn have no means of reproducing whatsoever. Unlike the elves, who do not reproduce naturally, but rather are each crafted by their goddesses, the Ironborn have no way to create more Ironborn. The art of crafting the metal soldiers and the magical means to do so are both lost to the ages, and the Ironborn’s numbers only dwindle with each year and recently the Ironborn population dropped below 5,000, roughly half of their total population when Horol granted them true life so many years ago.


use the stats for Warforged provided in “Unearthed Arcana: Eberon” to build an Ironborn


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