While they are commonly referred to as Gnomes, these diminutive peoples are actually distinct and separate races, and are collectively the second oldest race in the world, just younger than the Halflings.

The Rodan, also known as Rock Gnomes, where Lodhgrum’s original attempt at creating life. Lodhgrum was unsatisfied with their short attention span and their dislike of hard work, preferring to create contraptions to handle their work for them. Lodhgrum created the Dwarves afterwards, Making them taller, stronger, and tougher than their predecessors, but passing on the Rodan’s ingenuity.

The Illar, also known as Forest Gnomes, where created by the combined efforts of Etella and Anarell, mixing Etella’s connection with nature with Anarell’s affinity for magic. This combination created an unexpectedly wild and unruly race, devoted to passion and enjoying life more than heading their creators’ wishes. These perceived flaws prompted the twin goddesses to try again with the creation of the Elves, not giving their new creations the ability to reproduce on their own, and forging a stronger bond with the Elves than with the Illar, along with only giving one of the twin’s aspects to each Elf.

Left behind by their Gods the Rodan and the Illar grew distant from the Divine, instead choosing to pursue worldly endeavors and arcane magic. In the North East, the Rodan created magical and mechanical wonders, and the Tower of Brass was a center of magical learning before The Recedence. In the South West, the Illar migrated away from the Etellan Forest to populate the wild, untamed land beyond the reach of their successors or their creators, and using their magic and connection with nature, turned the untamed land into the land of Elquind, a place of revelry and wild magic, barely tamer than it was before, but much more magical. after The Recedence, the magic that maintained Elquind died away, and the forests rotted, the revelry died, and all that is left is the city of Quire, holding onto the dead culture of passion and love of life that once defined the Illar.

The Gnomes where possibly the race most effected by The Recedence, entire cultures crumbled to the ground, fortunes were lost, and many Gnomes where left poor, displaced, and broken. The Rodan city of Belquin, and the Illar city of Quire are all that is left of the once mighty cultures, shells of their former selves.


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