Nasar Effel

Tiefling Paladin of Vellah, Oath of the Ancients


STR: 15 AC: 19
DEX: 12 MAX HP: 28
CON: 14
INT: 10
WIS: 8
CHA: 16

Important Gear: Chain mail, Shield, Blood Moss covered Morningstar (glows), Javelins


A poor Tiefling from an undercity. Her parents were master con artists and masters of disguise, however she was not as good. Her brother chose a different path and made an honest living as one of the very few undercity chefs. His primary dishes were often rodent themed. When Nasar turned 18, she left the undercity in search of something better. Along her travels above ground as a traveling con artist, she comes across an unaware knight of the Matron’s Watch, a small guild that worship Vellah in the southern part of Vaalnor. Using her trickery, she conned him of all his coin and left before he realized. However she didn’t know until later that she ruined him, he owed a great debt to the deep rooted mafia of Vaalnor, the Dunns. Upon realizing her terrible deed, she rethought her whole life and spent a little over a year learning of Vellah and her worship. Being a Tiefling however restricted her areas of allowed worship or acceptance. She thus chose to adopt an armor set that hides her appearance and decreases how much she stands out. She wears a dull grey set of cahin mail with a brown tabard instead of the traditional bright white one, as well as a matching dark hood that covers her whole face. She has moved on from her time as a con artist but still retains an issue around things of value. Sometimes she can resist taking it either through flat out taking it or a con. Sometimes she can’t though. She hopes to someday find the ruined knight of the Matron’s Watch who she has only a face to go off.

One of the Schmucks who saved Mont Burke in the year 1015 AR from economic and defensive collapse

Nasar Effel

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